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Independent international organization committed to promoting the inclusion of teenagers in Africa.


Largest Community of Teen Organisations and Businesses. For any cause you can think of in Africa that concerns teenagers, there are a bunch of different groups and thousands of people trying to make an impact. We are a teenage force multiplier for good!


African Young Leaders are an elite group of Africa’s highest potential young adults (under 21) with unique talents who are creating a conducive ecosystem to build the next generation of accountable governance and nurture sustainable economies.


Meet someone amazing, someone, who agrees to share their skills, knowledge, expertise and professional contacts with you. Mentors can help you set career goals, resolve difficult problems, and make sound career decisions.


Based on our belief that communities can be built by empowering teens, the African Teen Business Institute is Africa's foremost institute preparing next-generation innovators and social entrepreneurs to launch social ventures and unleash a lifetime of impact.

Teen Core Values

Our Vision

Africa where teenagers are respected and able to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives or on which they have strong opinions.

Protect Teenagers Rights

Our Mission

The promotion and protection of teen rights is a key purpose and guiding principle of the Organization. The rights of children and teenagers (under the age of 18) are set out in an international document called The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The rights are set out in statements called Articles which are connected to each other and are equally important. All the governments in Africa have agreed to make sure these rights are available to children.

What we stand for

Our Values

Integrity - We do the right thing, always.
Professionalism - Qualified, skilled and committed.
Teamwork - We work together to make Africa better.
Participation - Meaningful participation of young people.
Inclusion - We value the inclusion of all.
Equality - We value all young people equally.
Youth Leadership - Nurture youth leadership.
Recognition - Recognition of young people's achievements.


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